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TOM GEER – VBS had nearly 900 children and teens this summer in the US and Ireland. Had camp and have been traveling to different states. We are home now, recuperating, repacking and getting ready for the next Children’s Ministry adventure. SAVED: 171

BILL WALL – Had their Spanish VBS with record attendance and many professions of faith. They are now preparing for their Annual Family Conference and are asking for prayers. Handed out gospel tracts and John & Romans among the Mennonite communities.

NICK SUTMAIER – Was at a store when the 7.1 earthquake took place and Patty and the girls ran downstairs to a safe place. Many people lost everything and our church in Xochimilco suffered damage. The Church building was fractured and we need to build a new building. We helped the people with food and water and Jesus. An entire family was saved.

NEMUEL LESADA – The Church celebrated it’s 34th Anniversary. Son Jolli got married to Kesiah on Aug 8th. The Church gave him a 59th Birthday celebration on Aut. 20th. They had their Global Missions Conference in October. Saved: 102, Baptized: 3

JULIO VELASQUEZ – Need help to purchase a new Church building because they are meeting in their house and the people don’t fit anymore. Please send donations to BIMI and specify that it’s for a new Church building. Our 7th Grandchild Elisa Jolie was born on September 28 and weighed 8 lbs. Baptized: 5

BILL EUBANKS – Praising the Lord for all who have made a difference in his life as he continues to do the Mission work. Asking for prayers for Salvation, Health, Chick tracts in all homes, for their motor home to sell this month and for Dr. Cesar and Bro. Farley.

LUKE SHELBY – The elections were nullified by the Supreme Court on September 1 on a Technicality with no recount of votes. The Riots continue here but thank God we are safe. Please keep us in prayer for safety and pray for Kenya. Abigail and Breanne will be taking a Missions trip to the Amazon Jungle with CAMP BIMI.

MARCO TURRIZA – Their transmission has broken and they are in need of a car or van. They continue with their Meetings and preaching in Nicaragua and other cities. Please pray for them.







Mapa de Misioneros

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Ackerle, Roy- Chattanooga, TN

Almanza, Javier- Xalapa, Ver.

Alvarado, J. Alberto- Zapata, TX

Arellano, Antonio- Mexico

Arellano, Roberto- Mexico

Avila, Hector- Central & South America

Benefield, Stephen- Combodia

Bennett, Charles- Isreal

Benton, Jeff- USA Gospel Printer

Bolanos, Luis- Colombia

Bowman, Shawn- Ireland

Bravo, Alejandro- Chile

Brigham, Jeff- Japan

Brown, Jim- Mexico

Byrer, John- Alberta, Canada

Burrows, Mrs. Bette

Cantrell, Kenny- Ecuador

Castillo, Hector- Mexico

Chamberlin, Daniel- S. Florida

Cox, Mike- USA

Criss, Bob- Philippines

De La Fuente, Daniel- Argentina

Dobbins, Mike, Zambia

Dunlap, Mark- Africa

Elguera, Jose- Prisons

Elwood, Tracy- Canada

Eubanks, Bill- USA Prisons

Farnam, Mark- India

Fernandez, Elmer- Elgin, IL

Fite, Ross- Mexico

Garcia, Jorge- Mexico

Garza, Jonathan- Ukraine

Geer, Tom- Children’s Ministries

George, Brian- Argentina

Gibson, Mike- West Indies

Gilbreath, Mrs. Carol

Gomez, Rafael- Colombia

Gomez, Tomas- Spain

Gonzales, Alex- Spain

Grissom, Wayne- England

Harwood, Mark- Canada

Hoffmeister, David- Alaska

Hoffmeister, James- Trinidad

Horn, Miranda- Mexico

Jaure, Jesus- Mexico

Johnson, Matt- Mexico

Judge, Tim- Houston, TX

Kongkaw, Srithone- Thiland

Langford, Wayne- Australia

Leal, Oscar- Corpus Christi, TX

Leseda, Nemuel- Philippines

Lewis, Travis- Philippines

Lowe, Roy- Jews

Martinez, Carmelo- Brazil

Martinez, Javier, Mexico

Martinez, Juan Jose- China

Martinez, Miguel- Mexico

McKendriee, Matt- Peru

Medran, Santiago- Houston, TX

Mendoza, Boanerges- Nicaragua

Moya, Fernando- Mexico

Munoz, Arturo- Mexico

Murillo Jr., Ruben- Mexico/ Cuba

Murillo Sr., Ruben- Mexico

Murphy, Pat- Grenada

Nunez, Arturo- Mexico

Neilsen, Eric- Canada

Olivo, Arnulfo- Panama

Ortega, Dario- Roma, TX

Osswaarde, Don- Russia

Pacheco, Rodolfo- Yucatán

Peoples Baptist Church- Corpus Christi, TX

Perez, Alberto- Ecudor

Porter, Geoffrey- S. Africa

Pridgen, James- Uganda

Rackley, Scottie- Africa

Rice, Bruce- Philippines

Robles, Sergio- Mexico

Rodriguez, Rafael- Panama

Rosales, Fidencio- Mexico

Rumsey, James- USA

Sanchez, Alfonso- Mexico

Sanchez, Manuel- Peru

Saunders, Mike- USA Prisons

Schwaderer, Doug- Spain

Shelby, Luke- Kenya

Sloan, Philip- Mexico

Sober, Tim- Canada

Sobrevilla, Ivan- France

Sonier, Dick- USA

Sutmaier, Nick- Mexico

Turriza, Marco- Mexico

Vara, Jorge- Usa Prisons

Velásquez, Julio- Spain

Venegas, Jesus- Mexico

Vogelpohl, Dana- Scotland

Wall, Bill- Mexico

Weimer, Rick- Germany

West, Joe- USA

West, Norm- Turkey

Willis, Byron- Panama

Wray, Steve- England